March 5, 2011

Bockfest= beer and happy people

Bockfest 2011 kicked off last night and continues through the rest of the weekend.  We had a great time, and it all started with a ride on the hoppin' Bockfest Yellow Bus Shuttle.  Our ride was complete with a bagpipe playing fellow passenger.

Bus runs until 1am Fri/Sat and 7pm Sunday

We hopped on the bus at 13th and Main and then headed to Milton's on Sycamore, down a big scary hill to Bockfest Hall where we unloaded and re-loaded a bus chock full of Bock beer drinking delight.  The next stop on the route took us to our anticipated destination: Grammer's

This was my first-time at Grammer's.  They did it up right for Bockfest and had a packed house in additional to several tents in their outdoor area.  The evening would have been admittedly better sans the non-stop rain, but the bock beer made everything better. 

Hudepohl Bock, Schoenling Bock, Moerlein Emancipator Bock

See how happy:

We ended up staying at Grammer's for the duration of the evening and I found myself engaged in some interesting dialogue about blogging and life in general.

I think I may stop by other Bockfest venues tonight and and hit up the Cafe De Wheels, I hear they have great burgers.  And when it was all said and done I can summarize the evening as follows:

And pretzel necklaces aren't too shabby either:

Go to Bockfest, it's fun!

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