February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday at Rincon Mexicano

My mom, sister and I have a little tradition of gorging ourselves on Mexican food to celebrate Fat Tuesday.  I think we choose Mexican strictly for the sheer volume of food you get.  Last year we hit up El Rio Grande in Newport so this year we decided on Rincon Mexicano on Eastgate Boulevard.

I grew up in this neck of the woods and I've dined at Rincon countless times over the last 14 years since it opened.  I'll kind of let the pictures speak for themselves, but this is darn good Mexican.  My half frozen half on the rocks margarita (the best way to order a margarita) was delicious and there was no skimping on the tequila.
The chips are definitely some of my favorite and they were so crazy fresh.  We were going to order another basket but our food arrived; only one complimentary basket of chips/salsa is served per table of 2-4.  We also shared an order of the white queso dip which was quite addicting.  Honestly, I would have been content with ordering another basket of chips and another margarita and calling it a night.  It was that good!
Entrees included chicken fajitas, chicken enchilada/chile relleno combo plate and enchiladas suizas.  We were all satisfied with our meals and the only complaints were that the fajitas did not come with shredded cheese and the chicken in our enchiladas wasn't all that flavorful.  The refried beans and rice were tasty and my sister noted the different veggies scattered throughout the rice: peas, green beans and even kidney beans.

And because it wouldn't be Fat Tuesday without dessert, we split an enormous order of fried ice cream; although the flan always calls my name.  It was coated with lots of honey and the ice cream ball was huge; we agreed a little sugar/cinnamon on the tortilla shell would have added some depth.  We also agreed that nothing quite compares to the fried ice cream at Chi Chi's...ah, the memories.

Thank you Rincon Mexicano, for helping us put another Fat Tuesday in the books!  

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