February 23, 2012


I've been to Mokka in Newport a handful of times, but this is the first time I snapped pictures and took notes.  Every trip to Mokka, except for maybe one, has been with my sister.  She LOVES the Mokka french toast and we're in agreement that the goetta is some of the best we've had in any restaurant.  They serve regular Glier's goetta but they use the slab of goetta instead of the roll and cut it into rectangles.  The slices aren't too thick, aren't too thin and they're cooked to the most perfect crisp. 

When we walked in I spotted the daily specials on the chalk board and couldn't seem to decide which sounded better.  I've previously written about my need for both sweet and salty food for brunch so in order to make sure that requirement was met I ordered both specials! Oink! 

The first was the Blueberry Crumb Cake with 2 eggs and meat of choice (goetta).  I also went with the Breakfast Strata, which included a side (fruit cup).  I had honestly intended on sharing my food with my sister and nephew and maybe my neice if she would have it, but I ate nearly everything on both plates; that's $18 worth of brunch in case you're wondering.  In my defense, I hadn't eaten anything except a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter the entire day.  I loved the dense consistency of the crumb cake and the slight hints of lemon were nice; I dare say it rivals my mom's home-made blueberry buckle.
I was curious about the Breakfast Strata mostly because I've never had a strata before.  I was expecting it to be quiche-like but it was much thicker and not as egg-based.  The crust was nice and fluffy and it was filled with spinach, artichoke and cherry tomatoes and the overall flavor made me very happy.  I definitely need to add "strata-making" to the list of things I do.  The side of fruit was just ok but I still ate it for the nutrients.
Lori ordered the Mokka French toast (coated with sweet corn flakes and topped with pastry cream) and a breakfast sampler that she split with my  nephew.  He loves eggs overeasy and it included two of those as well as goetta.  He also ordered a 1/2 order of the french toast which was actually only 1/2 a slice of bread; surprising considering the whole order is 2 whole pieces of bread.
Our service was friendly and we did have to wait a bit for the food to arrive as it was truly was a packed house but all our plates were clean by the end of the meal.  Mokka is definitely going to be included in the dining-tour-de-Monmouth-Street that I'll be starting this spring, can't wait to go back!

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