September 26, 2012


Nicola's has been on my foodie bucket list for a while.  I drive past it everyday on my way home from work and it stays on my radar.  My birthday happened to be on a Monday this year and I thought it nothing but serendipitous; considering Nicola's offers a $13 Bolognese special on Mondays nights. 

Normally, the Monday night special is only good in the bar area.  The bar area is really small and we had five adults and two kids with us.  They were gracious enough to seat us in the dining room and seemed to be serving the Monday night special to other patrons in the dining room as well. Although after dining here with 2 kids, I don't recommend it.  The atmosphere is rather formal and I'm not certain the staff are use to serving children. There are, understandably, no substitutions or alternative menu options for kids.

I started off in the bar area while I waited for the rest of my family to arrive.  I enjoyed a glass of the Le Gemme red blend and some complimentary marconi almonds along with the best green and black olives I've ever tasted.

I can't go any further in this post until I show you a picture of the bread.  Oh my, the bread basket that was probably made by angels and sent from heaven.  All of these unique breads are made in-house except for the the sourdough which is made by Shadeau Breads.
 My favorites were the little round breads topped with tomato, onion and cucumber (or maybe it's zucchini, I'm not really sure).  There was also a walnut bread at the bottom of the basket and it was delicious, it had the slightest sweetness to it and combined with the nutty flavor of the walnuts it was lovely and unexpected.

The $13 Monday special comes with a house salad of greens, tomato and a vinegarette.

The tagliatelle bolognese was delicious and definitely lived up to the expectations I had been building for months and months.  The meat sauce includes veal and beef and is finished with butter.  It is served over house-made tagliatelle, which is similar in style to a fettucine noodle.

We passed on dessert at the restaurant and went outside to enjoy some birthday cupcakes I baked. I'm so happy to have celebrated my birthday at Nicola's, I can't wait to go back for another big bowl of bolognese! 
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