November 18, 2012

Findlay Market Fun

A while back, I attended a blogger meet-up at Market Wines at Findlay Market.  The market's resource development director, Karen Kahle, invited local bloggers to engage in conversation about what is going on in Cincinnati as far as food is concerned.

I was happy to participate in this event, although I would say I continue my blog as a creative outlet and way to indulge my crazy need to snap pictures of food, I learned a lot of great information and met some very friendly people who have worked for years to promote not only Cincinnati's food scene, but Cincinnati in general.

I've been visiting the market on a regular basis and I thought I'd share some pics of what I've enjoyed...
Fresh juice/smoothies from Hunter Greengrass have become a part of my Saturday afternoon routine.  I tried the "like licking the blade of a lawnmower" wheat grass and it's delightful. Of course, the first time I went for juice, I had to go and instagram the pretty thing!

On an early visit over the summer, before I was familiar with the lay of the land all the market had to offer, I stumbled upon Skirtz and Johnston.  It was like I was the first person to eat there, ever.  Admittedly, this place isn't a huge secret and it was bustling with customers for lunch.  Good thing it's not a secret because my soup and sandwich combo was amazing; I love the bright, open decor as well.  I can't remember exactly what this sandwich was but the best way to explain it is as a super-classy Arby's beef and cheddar; right down to the onion bun.  It paired nicely with the bowl of vegetable soup.

I came across a heck of a steal on cherries one Saturday afternoon-- 3lbs. for $5!  And they were delicious, every last one of them.
Pork bahn mi from Pho Lang Thang, or anything from Pho Lang Thang will make your heart sing.  And we should all be eating things that make our heart sing at least once a day.  This trip included my first taste of Vietnamese coffee, mmmm.  The Hudy Amber Lager tall boy was the icing on the cake, gotta love byob.
I also tried the spring rolls on a recent visit and they were so amazingly fresh!  Packed full of vermicelli, mint, shrimp and cilantro.  The peanut butter hoison dipping sauce really completes this dish. 
Amazing wine and craft beer selection at Market Wines.  The wine tastings on Saturday and Sunday afternoon get fairly busy but for $5 it's a great way to try before you buy; I have some new favorites thanks to the tastings.

This is a breakfast scramble from Mama Lo Hizo.  They were down to the bottom of the scrambled egg barrel so they gave me the rest plus pinto beans, their delicious white queso, tomatoes, a couple kinds of salsa including a super-spicy-give-you-heartburn-but-who-cares-cause-it's-worth-it green salsa that is out of this world. 

This is just a little snipit of some my adventures at the market the past few months.  I'm looking forward to many more.  Once I find something I like (pork banh mi, for example), it's hard for me to want to go anywhere else, so the challenge is to try something new each time I go.  I'll be sure and share it with you here! 


  1. Lovely post! Would love to rendezvous with you at Findlay some time!

    1. That would be great! Trying to find a day when my schedule works with their food tour schedules!

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