January 5, 2013

Newport Kroger Wine Pairing Dinner

When you think of a 5-course meal with wine pairings what restaurants come to mind?  Nicola's? The Palace?  The Orchid at Palm Court?  Yep, that's what comes to my mind.  I've been to a couple of those restaurants and had lovely experiences.  But would you believe that Newport Kroger Marketplace provides the same thing for a fraction of the cost? It's no secret I can't say enough good things about the culinary team at Newport Kroger; quite unexpected from a grocery store chain.  I frequent the Friday evening wine tastings at the Newport Kroger Liquor store but Kroger has recently started offering a full wine pairing dinner once a month. 

The progressive meal is prepared by the chefs and a representative from a wine distributor chooses the wine to be paired with each course.  There is a brief overview of each type of wine and why it pairs nicely with the course. 

Here is the menu from November's wine pairing dinner.  The pictures are in the order each course was served, so fairly self-explanatory.  The cost of the meal and wine pairings is $20 a person or $30 for two people.

I enjoyed each course but the home-made artisan bread was my favorite part of the evening. I'm looking forward to many more wine pairing dinners in the future.  It's always exciting to see what the chefs put together for each month's menu. 


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