August 17, 2014

Red Feather

Dinner at Red Feather last week was delightful. We split a few small plates before our entrees and a few bottles of wine were shared. Small plates included ricotta and honey with grilled bread and bacon-wrapped apricots.

I ordered another small plate, gnocchi,  for my entrée along with the summer salad. It was a delicious evening!

August 9, 2014

Ei8ght Ball Brewing

So, I've been to Ei8ht Ball Brewing a handful of times over the last few months and I want to do a little shout-out! They're located in the Party Source on the south side of the building (with a separate entrance or you can enter through the front of the store.)

What I love the most is the sheer number of taps (40 something); in addition to the brews they make in-house. Thanks to Ei8ht Ball I've tried beers I never would have had the opportunity to try on tap.

The decent sized tasting room and outdoor patio offer a welcoming atmosphere for experiencing beer. I recommend going on rare keg Monday; which is basically just what it sounds like; )

August 7, 2014

The Original Mister Softee

The Original Mister Softee truck spent 4 hours parked at my work today; it was an associate engagement thing. There was a line at least 30 people deep and the biggest smiles on faces the whole time. My smile was the biggest;)

August 4, 2014

Gelato + Macaron ÷ bike ride

Sunday funday with an out-and-back ride along Riverside Drive, up Delta and a stop halfway through at Buona Terra Gelato. Peanut butter and raspberry gelato for a little pb&j action and a side of birthday cake macaron. Because I'm a kindergartner at heart. {The answer to this equation is zero calories. Somehow, it works out mathmatically}

August 3, 2014

Can't stop, won't stop.

I'm addicted to softserve, creamy whip, whatever you prefer to call, I cannot stop consuming it. And there's absolutely NO shame in that. My dog loves it too.

Kitchen 452- I <3 you!

Shared a lovely lunch with a co-worker at Kitchen 452; caprese panini, fruit salad, pita chips and a piece of lemon blueberry heav.en.