June 19, 2011

Quarter Bistro

June ROTM (restaurant of the month) took us to Quarter Bistro on Wooster Pike in Mariemont.  They offer french-inspired cuisine and are located right next to the Mariemont Theater in the heart of the square.   The presentation was beautiful! Food=Art

I initially had my heart set on the salmon but our server mentioned some of the specialties and the salmon was not included.  This worried me.  I changed my selection to the 18-hour short ribs.  I took one bite and this dish made it's way to my "Top 5 Meals" category.  So full of flavor and VERY rich.  Although the portion was on the smaller side, the richness and quality of the meat made up for it.  I asked the server what kind of spices were used to prepare the ribs and she was going to check with the chef but she never got back to me.  I'm sure it's a secret, and I imagine most of the flavor comes from the 18 hours the ribs spent slow cooking in their own juices and natural flavors.  Yum. 

The little round potato-looking things are spaetzle.  I've had spaetzle before and it looked nothing like this. You know when you're making pancakes and a drop of the batter falls onto the hot griddle and it makes a mini-pancake?  That's exactly what this spaetzle reminded me of!  It was a delicate addition to the short ribs.  The dish was also topped with a few button mushrooms and and the green drizzle is a basil pea emulsion.  The two purplish things on top are pickled ramp; they come from the same family as leeks and onion and it served as a nice tart addition to the entree.

I'm not going to go into detail on the entree choices of my dinner-mates, but there were no complaints!  Several of us had the short ribs and several others ordered the Steak Frites, it was topped with bleu cheese and included a side of homemade fresh cut fries sprinkled with parmesan (up charge for truffle fries).
Steak Frites w/ truffle fries

Handmade Angel Hair

BBQ Chicken Pizza
 The service was excellent, we had a group of 10 and it did take about 45 minutes for our entrees to arrive for such a large group.  My meal was $45, including a glass of wine, side dish, entree and 20% gratuity.  I recommend ordering an appetizer or salad with your meal since some of the portions are on the smaller side; I'm all about gourmet but I need to feel satiated as well.  We all shared an order of the guacamole and chips and an order of fried green tomatoes.  I saw several side salads go by as we waited for food and they looked substantial.  Servatti's makes a sour dough dinner roll specifically for Quarter Bistro; I declare them to be the perfect dinner roll with just enough crunch on the outside and soft, warm and chewy on the inside. 

We ended the evening with a stop at Graeters; last week they featured a limited-edition banana milk chocolate chip ice cream.  Fingers-crossed this flavor makes it's way to the list of regularly offered flavors!
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