December 8, 2011

Taste of Belgium

Some pics and a few quick remarks about my visit to Taste of Belgium in OTR a couple weeks ago.  (The pictures are posted in the order of their description)

I ordered a bowl of beef vegetable soup, fries and a cinnamon crepe.  Don't let the picture of greenish-brown broth fool you, the soup was perfect and I would have been happy to never see the bottom of the bowl.  If you're not already aware, the fries with Chipotle mayo are habit-forming.  I would be a strong supporter of TOB installing a walk-up window that serves nothing but their fries 24/7. The cinnamon crepe under-whelmed me.  It was dry and lacked enough flavor, or maybe way too much in the way of cinnamon.  I felt like it needed a sauce or maybe I simply prefer my crepe to have more substantial filling.

I tasted a bite of my friend's chicken and waffle.  The hot sauce and maple syrup combination was suspect but it worked really really well.  Another friend enjoyed the pumpkin waffle sandwich with turkey, Gruyere and cranberry sauce- it was Thanksgiving weekend and the last day on the menu for this item.

Before our food arrived our server apologized for the long wait (which didn't seem long to me) and offered us each a complimentary dessert.  Of course I wasn't going to pass up the muffin-style bread pudding.  Another amazing dish.  The dessert selection was extensive and included an array of cookies, macaroons and cupcakes etc.

And in breaking Facebook news today there is beer in the house, you better believe I "liked" this.

Beer on tap at Taste of Belgium, the authentic waffle's new OTR location at 12th and Vine!

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Yes! We have beer!

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