January 8, 2012

Pasquale's and Avenue Brew- 1st Friday in Bellevue

My intentions were to try Buono Vita in Dayton, KY but I did not intend for an hour wait.  Luckily heading a bit further west into Bellevue offers plenty of dining options.  We walked past Pasquale's and didn't see any tables available but Bellevue Bistro was hoppin' and even had an acoustic guitarist.  We went in and looked at the menu, ordered drinks, began placing our order...and they were out of the one thing on the menu my friend would touch with a ten foot pole- the coffee rubbed burger. I didn't want to force my friend to order something unpleasing for the picky palate so we walked back to Pasquale's and a couple tables had opened up. 

As soon as I walked in I was secretly happy we had to leave Bellevue Bistro (although I plan on going back soon for brunch).  Nothing against BB but I can't remember the last time I had a steak hoagie and Pasquale's is sort of known for them.  They offer about a dozen different styles of hoagie but I went with the regular steak hoagie- provolone, pickles, onion, pizza sauce with a side of the mushroom sauce and a small order of crinkle cut fries.  I love how they butter and salt the top of the hoagie bun; it's a small detail but it puts a little flavor on your tongue before you actually get to the meat and toppings on the hoagie.

I was going to order a large hoagie, they seemed to fit in the cardboard boats just perfectly, but I do question the nutritional value in a steak hoagie and the side of fries wasn't exactly steamed vegetables.  The pickles and onions meshed with the cheese and pizza sauce; the mushroom sauce didn't do too much for me, maybe if it was warm?  At times hoagies seem a little bland.  I take a bite, start chewing, it's good, I'm getting the flavors of the toppings and then it's like I'm expecting something else, somethings missing.  I've experienced this with most hoagies except for maybe Riverfront Pizza in Covington but I have to say Pasquale's comes in at a close second.

My friend ordered the 10 inch pepperoni pizza and it was plenty for one person with a big appetite or for 2 people with smallish appetites.  Just realized I didn't ask for a bite  since I was very focused on my food.  This isn't the kind of fare I daintily eat and engage in conversation over, it's the kind of food I sloppily stuff in my face with no regard for anyone or anything going on around me.   

After dinner it was still early and there were people standing at the front of the restaurant waiting for tables to open up so we headed out.  Avenue Brew was still open and had a band so we stopped by.  I've been meaning to check this place out for forever and it turned out to be a great end to the evening.  I ordered a chai tea latte and just as I was ordering someone brought out a plate of brownies.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to add some more nutritionally devoid food to my body.  The brownie was honestly as big as my face.   

They were getting ready to close for the evening and I think they may have given me all the brownie left in the pan.  I ate off of one corner of it consuming about 1/5 and then gave up.  It was good, tasted like a box mix but that's my favorite kind.  Pasquale's and Avenue Brew turned out to be a fun Friday night combo, who knew?

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