October 30, 2011

Sugar 'n Spice

And everything was nice.  Especially the owner, Stephen Frankel, who offered complimentary cinnamon sugar cupcakes and Halloween favors during brunch this morning.  The cinnamon sugar cupcakes were adorned with a light marshmallow icing, delightful.
Earlier this week one of my friends emailed me the link to their website as a suggestion for ROTM (restaurant of the month) and I frowned in disbelief that Sugar n' Spice had not registered on my radar.  Seriously, how did I miss this?  I'll blame it on the fact that I did not grow up near this part of Cincy and it seems to be more of a neighborhood spot where many patrons are regulars.

After perusing the website all I could think about for 3 days straight were "wispy thin pancakes".  I have always been more of a thin crepe-like pancake girl than a fluffy cake-like pancake girl.  I went with a half order of the cakes and my, oh my, were they ever so wispy and thin.  If you are not sure what "wispy" means, you will have to try these pancakes to find out.  The half order was the perfect portion and I was pleased it did not have the heavy, saturated taste of most greasy spoon pancakes.  Because the pancakes are so thin, I recommend going easy on the syrup- it's very runny!
I adore pancakes, but if I eat them by themselves I end up feeling an imbalance unless they are accompanied by a savory side.  When it comes to breakfast there is really no point in choosing between salty or sweet. Today I went with the breakfast platter which included home fries, Glier's goetta, 2 eggs and toast.  The platter and half order of pancakes came to $13.05 and was easily enough food for 2 people  (side note:  I ate around 12pm, it is now 5:30pm and I still have a slightly full belly.)

The restaurant is also known for their "huge fluffy" omelets.  Everyone raved about the taste and portion size of the omelets- seriously HUGE.  Below is the Gyro Omelet; seasoned ground beef, red n' yellow peppers, onion, feta and mushrooms.  Another friend ordered the Mexican, which included chorizo, salsa and sour cream- I'm certain this is what I will order when I go back.
Sugar n' Spice prides themselves on being consistent and offering many of the same menu items they have offered during their 70 year history.  After my first visit I aspire to at least become a semi-regular.  The food, service and ambiance created quite the experience for me and I hope they continue flipping wispy thin pancakes for at least 70 more years. Sugar n' Spice on Urbanspoon

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