September 25, 2011

Morton's Power Hour

After reading a couple not-so-great posts about Morton's I had mixed feelings before attending their "Power Hour" happy hour.  I was dreading a possible food and drink let-down but intrigued at the prospect of a satisfying happy hour that was not too good to be true.

I started with a glass of the Cabernet followed by the Malbec from the happy hour menu; both were $5.50 each until 6:30pm.  I also had the mini-cheeseburgers which were absolutely delicious; 2 filled me up and I gave away the 3rd.  After savoring the 2 mini-cheeseburgers I realized I prefer a slider version vs. one large burger.  They were piled high with a thick tomato and lettuce.  We split an order of the steak fries with blue cheese amongst the table.

Morton's Power Hour menu includes discounted prices on select draft and bottled beer, wine and also specialty martinis.  The food menu consisted of "Bar Bites" items priced at $5 and $6 including the mini-cheeseburgers, filet sliders and mini crab cake BLT to name a few.  In addition to these selections our table also ordered a couple of the iceberg wedge bites.

I was quite impressed with the drinks (the Malbec was lovely), the food and especially the service at Morton's.  With such a convenient location in the heart of downtown I feel like this may be a hidden gem among other, more highly promoted happy hours.  If I worked downtown I could see Morton's becoming my go-to place for a drink and light meal after work and I look forward to returning sometime soon to try their regular dinner menu or for a nice repeat of their happy hour menu.
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