March 27, 2011

Newport Kroger Marketplace: International Foods

On today's adventure to Newport KMP I explored the exotic International Foods section.  First, may I recommend Maria cookies.  I wouldn't call them a sugar cookie or a shortbread cookie, more like a crispy wafer sweetened to perfection.  Marias also taste delicious with almond butter and dark chocolate sandwiched in between.

Next up is Ricanelas by Gamesa.  Very similar to graham crackers, but again, not as sweet and a bit crispier.  Sugar crystals are sprinkled on top and they have a very strong cinnamon taste.  Think Red Hots but not quite as intense.  Instead of cinnamon flavor it looks as though the cinnamon is grated from a whole cinnamon stick and sprinkled on top of the cracker.  Ricanelas are great paired with a cup of herbal tea.

I snapped a few additional pics of the international foods section, picked up some great ideas for themed meals.  I also noticed the prices on items (party crackers, for example) are cheaper in the International food section than in the regular food aisle.  Next week I am going to try buying similar products, one from International and one from regular foods, and perform a taste-test and price comparison.

Also, cantaloupe is for sale, $1.99 each.  I tried a sample and it was delicious.  Does this mean spring is here?

That just about wraps up todays trip but I want to leave you with a picture from a couple weeks ago.  It was Saturday afternoon and I stopped in for a quick trip.  I was in the seafood area and noticed one of the chefs placed a fresh platter of some type of sandwich wraps.  This immediately caught my attention and I walked over to get more information.  I asked if the wraps were free and conversed with the chef for a bit.  It was a breakfast burrito made with chorizo sausage, sorano peppers, cheese and a few other ingredients which have escaped my memory.  By far the BEST breakfast burrito I have ever tasted.  Newport KMP employs extremely skilled culinary artists.  I would pay good money for this dish in a restaurant.  Behold!

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