April 2, 2011

The Carnegie

I first visisted The Carnegie in February 2006 for a Bacchanalian Society wine tasting.  Fast-forward 5 years and many wonderful changes and improvements have been made.

The Carnegie houses art galleries, a theater and also serves as an art education center.  Below is a pic of the newly renovated Otto M. Budig theater.  Carousel is showing until 4/17/2011.  Check out this link for show dates and times.

The Art of Food is currently on display in the gallery until 4/15/2011.  Follow this link for details.  There was definitely a cake theme; wedding cakes, cupcakes, pancakes.

There was also toast made out of beautiful glass!

And real toast as well; slightly burnt with an image of the Mona Lisa scraped into it.
The gallery rounded out the "carb and refined sugar theme" with candy!

Rosie the Riveter made of over 25,000 Mentos
Seurat. Post-impressionist Fruit Loops

The Scream- Penny Candy version.

Portrait made out of a combo: candy, fruit loops and beans
And some potato chips for good measure...
With a side of pasta.
Lots of Penne
What a wonderful venue for art and theater.  I can't wait to go back for future exhibits, and don't forget:

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