July 25, 2011

Skinny Pig

I dined at Skinny Pig in East Walnut Hills on Friday for an early birthday dinner.  First pictures, then my mixed review.
It's BYOB, I brought a bottle of Shiraz/Cabernet and they provided the wine glasses and also offer water, lemonade and soft drinks.  Since it was Friday night the grill was open and they had a separate menu for grill items; sweet corn on the cob, bacon wrapped drum sticks and flat iron steak.  I had my heart set on trying a blue corn flat bread so I ignored the enticing grill menu and stuck to my guns.  I did order the corn on the cob and topped it with lots of butter and a dash of salt, juicy and grilled to perfection. 

The adobe pork flat bread (as beautiful as it was!)simply did not agree with my palate.  It was topped with sliced pork, cilantro chili peaches, red onion and a lime avocado sauce.  I understand that everyone has different taste buds but I think this generally lacked flavor, or at least lacked flavors that complemented each other well.  I assumed the pork was going to be a smoky flavorful pulled pork, which would have worked well with the peaches and avocado sauce.  I really needed something a bit more savory to balance the sweetness in the peaches and the tangy tartness of the lime avocado.  The onion did add a little flavor, though.  Perhaps the mushroom pate flat bread would have been more up my alley?

My dinner-mates both ordered from the grill and I am happy I was able to have a taste of both the bacon-wrapped drum sticks and the flat iron steak- delicious! (as you can probably tell by the picture of a plate with one bite of steak left)  As let down as I was with my dinner choice, I can see myself returning for grilled fare and one of their salads which have had great reviews.  You can't beat $10 for a flavorful, perfectly prepared steak and a side salad.

I wanted to try some of the strawberry soft serve ice cream but the restaurant was uncomfortably hot and service started to slow down a bit after all the tables filled up.  We headed somewhere else instead:  Rolo McFlurry's are delicious:)
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