September 10, 2011

Relish Modern Tapas

I made the trek up north to try Relish Modern Tapas located in the Deerfield Towne Center to celebrate Ms. Jessica's birthday!  My last tapas experience was years ago at Latitudes cafe and I was ready to try more small plates.

Relish has a very modern, dark-lit decor, swanky if I do say so myself.  Not what I would expect from a restaurant located in an outdoor strip mall.  Guests can choose items on their regular menu or from their Pintxos menu, which are very small bite size tapas that originated in Northern Spain. A variety of lite bites from our table are below, my favorite was the piquillo pepper stuffed with short ribs and served on baguette.  The grilled lemon herb chicken thigh with saffron aioli did not meet my expectations and I don't recommend it, the best part of that bite was the aioli. The tuna poached in olive oil on avocado toasts was also a crowd pleaser.  The lite bites range from $1-$2.50

On to the regular tapas menu.  I was so very tempted by the paella, but considering I tried authentic paella while I was in Northern Spain I knew my expectations would be high and probably wouldn't measure up.  I went with a spinach mushroom empanada, which included a small side salad.  The flavor was nice and included strong hints of garlic.  The side salad was the perfect portion and garnish to go with this dish.
I followed this with a delicious bowl of strawberry gazpacho, not sure what was up with the reverse ordering on my part but this soup seemed too good to pass up.  That's the fun thing about tapas restaurants, you can kind of order as you please and then stop when you're full to capacity. 

Some of the other entrees selected at our table are below: filet, ribs and cream soup trio. I didn't taste any of these but if you're a visual person the pics help. Many of the entrees, including paella, were in the $13-$16 range. 

Last but certainly not least is the dessert.  I knew I had to go with either churros or flan. I decided whole-heartedly on the flan, big fan of custard desserts.  Their version included bits of macadamia and chocolate pieces.  Mmmmm!

Happy Birthday Jessica, hope you had a fabulous evening!

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