May 16, 2011

Alan Grizzell Exhibit

Paid my first visit to the Betts House (Ohio's oldest brick house) last weekend to attend the opening reception of Alan Grizzell's Over the Rhine exhibit. 

Grizzell's paintings were absolutely beautiful and capture the essence of decaying buildings in Over the Rhine and surrounding neighborhoods.  Several of the paintings are displayed on his website; but do find time to go the exhibit and view them in person. 

The Betts House offers an intimate setting; perfect grounds to learn more about the artist and ask questions, specifically regarding the location and vantage point of the paintings.  Grizzell was happy to converse and answer questions about his technique and gave back-story to some of the nightscapes.

He graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati 3 years ago and the paintings were created during that time frame.  Grizzell paints from his original photos, but would like to eventually paint by light.  Most of the photos were captured at dusk or sundown and at least 3 of the paintings were scenes viewed from the top of his apartment building.

My favorite was his painting of the Germania building at night; I snapped a night shot of this building about 6 months ago and I was immediately drawn to his oil rendition.  Paintings are on sale and range from about $300-$500 and will be displayed until the end of June at the Betts House.

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