May 15, 2011

Tootsie Roll Cake

If I could go back in time and celebrate my 3rd birthday, this is the cake I want!  My sister-in-law, who clearly has more patience than anyone else on earth, gets all the credit for this labor of love.  My niece LOVES her some Tootsie Rolls...thus the inspiration for her birthday cake.
The outside is a combination of plain and chocolate fondant.  The inside is a chocolate jelly roll with caramel filling; a combination of Cool Whip, cream cheese and something caramel??  I learned that you need a special jelly roll  pan in order to bake a "roll" cake; it cannot be baked in a normal sheet pan.

She spent hours hand-forming the letters out of fondant; but the patience involved in the preparation is not the most difficult part. The hardest part is the moment when she has to cut into it and destroy the masterpiece!  Absolutely delicious. 

Can this be topped?

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