May 3, 2011

Topper's Pizza

A couple years ago I was visiting a friend in La Crosse, WI and we took a boat cruise up the Mississippi River.  On the cruise they served the most delicious cheesy bread I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Every once in a while I get a strong craving for that cheesy bread.

A couple weeks ago I was driving up Clifton Avenue and glanced to my left down Calhoun Street and did a swift double-take when I noticed a new pizza place in one of the old store fronts.  Topper's Pizza??  I had heard the name before and then it all clicked...this was the cheese bread place from Wisconsin! 

I had a chance to pay a visit last weekend and Topper's Pizza on Calhoun Street in Clifton took me back to my Wisconsin getaway of 2009. 

They had a special on a large 3-topping pizza and a small order of Topperstix for $15; which was plenty of food to split with a friend and have lunch for the next couple days.

1/2 eaten small order of plain Topperstix

Because I remembered the Topperstix so fondly I didn't have a strong recollection of the pizza.  On my recent trip I had mushroom and banana peppers on regular hand-tossed crust and it was delicious.  The sauce, cheese and "toppers" were evenly distributed; I prefer pizza that is not covered in cheese (that's what the cheese bread is for!) so this was right up my alley.  The toppings were very fresh and nothing appeared to have come from a can.  The crust was chewy yet fluffy and charred-crisp on an occasional edge to add some rustic flavor.

Topper's on Calhoun Street is the only location in Cincinnati (or Ohio for that matter) and offers a very clean and quaint(small) dine-in area with 2 high top tables and a nook with comfy chairs where you can watch TV while you eat or wait for your order.  Their menu also includes quesadillas, wings and grinders. 

With the fresh toppings, variety of choices and reasonably priced food, Topper's Pizza has found a balance between gourmet pizzeria and college pizza joint.  Check out their website, it's cool.
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