April 30, 2011

Dixie Chili

I don't often get cravings for Cincinnati-style chili.  I prefer home-made, heartier Texas-style chili with lots of onions and vegetables...and no spaghetti. 

So when I got a craving last Thursday for the local variety of chili I chose to bypass Skyline and Gold Star and head a little further north on 27 to Dixie Chili in Newport. 

I sat down and tried to pretend I wasn't a first-timer; I sat for several more minutes and no one acknowledged me so I had to blow my cover and go up to the counter to ask how I was supposed to place my order.  FYI, you order at the counter and take a tray (just like the school cafeteria!) to the end of the tray-line where you wait for your order to be prepared, and then sit down at a table. 
I ordered a small (very small) 3-way and a cheese coney with mustard.  The chili was thicker and somewhat creamy than others I've tried, not watery in the least.  The cheese melted on top of the chili and the chili stuck to the spaghetti very nicely so I basically cut it with my fork and ate it in chunks.  The flavor was great and it was served with Westminster crackers on the side, which I found very classy. 

My cheese coney was good as well; although I prefer the 3-way over the coney.  The coney didn't have enough chili or cheese for my liking; maybe a chili cheese sandwich would be a better option next time?

All things considered, Dixie Chili is a great alternative to Skyline and Goldstar and I'll definitely return to satisfy future Cincinnati chili cravings.

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