April 17, 2011

Bellevue Beach Park

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in Bellevue.  Decided to hit up Clothesline Laundry at 619 Fairfield Avenue to wash some blankets that don't seem to fit in my own washer.  I've been there before; it's clean, not crowded and very un-laundromat-like.  Once my clothes were in the dryer I headed out for a walk.

First stop- Bellevue Beach Park.
Belleve Beach Park sits on the edge of the Ohio River and offers amazing views.  I often tell people the reason I prefer living in Northern Kentucky is because I get to experience the beautiful views of Cincinnati on a regular basis.

Big Mac bridge partial downtown

Mt. Adams w/ the Western Southern Bldg to the left

View from far east corner of the park
Bellevue Beach Park has a playground, basketball courts, a gazebo and also an amphitheater.  A concert series is held monthly during the summer featuring local bands.  You can visit their Facebook page for more details.

Amphitheater hosts weddings, live music, plays.

The park is also dog friendly and provides bags for pet waste disposal.

After a couple trips around the small trail that surrounds the park I decided to head east towards Dayton to the flood wall.

I walked to the end of the flood wall and back to Fairfield Avenue, where I discovered this beautiful building on corner of Fairfiled and O'Fallon.
Side and rear view

Store front- it's for rent!

Bellevue is a wonderful city and I recommend spending a lazy afternoon taking it all in.  Looking forward to First Friday so I can experience everything Bellevue has to offer.

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