April 11, 2011

Newport Kroger Marketplace: Eat.Laugh.Love.

Every time I go to Newport Kroger Marketplace it is packed.  This past Saturday was rainy icky weather; so it was even more crowded with people getting their grocery shopping out of the way before the weather cleared up.  Good thing I don't mind walking from the far corners of the parking lot; it's so worth it!

I discovered something brand new at Kroger, Eat Laugh Love  What is this?  The friendly woman preparing samples briefly described it as a monthly recipe program.  Kroger creates a simple and wholesome recipe and then displays a kiosk with all of the non-perishable items you need for preparation. (my pictures were lacking today)
Next to the product kiosk is the sample counter.  She prepared this month's Eat.Love.Laugh.; Unstuffed Pepper Bake.  It was delicious!  Basically a rice/ground beef/pepper dish topped with cheese.  She suggested serving it over lettuce or in a tortilla.  Both excellent options.  She also recommended some ingredient swaps if you or your family have a picky palate.  I snagged one of the recipe cards so I can make.  Doesn't it look yummy??  It tasted just as delicious as it looks.
This is an unbelievably creative way for Kroger to promote wholesome, family meals that can be prepared quickly and easily with Kroger ingredients. 

Thank you Newport Kroger Marketplace!

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