April 3, 2011

Newport Kroger Marketplace: Pineapple

The highlight of this week's grocery adventure was, by far, the sale on whole Pineapple; $1.99 each.  I hesitate to buy fruit that is labor intensive to peel, cut or prepare in general.  But I couldn't pass up a deal and pineapple seemed appropriate for a 70 degree day. 
As I was leaving I spotted staff from the meat and seafood department preparing CRAWFISH to sample!  I failed to get a picture.  Samples, in general, were scarce that day.

When I got home I cut the pineapple and the creative juices started flowing.  Last week there was a nice sale on on Greek Yogurt so I stocked up. 
So I combined the fresh pineapple and Dannon Greek Yogurt, along with a frozen banana and 1/2 an orange to make this:

Pineapple/Orange/Banana smoothie in a bowl.
Thank you Newport Kroger Marketplace!

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