April 6, 2011

Sweet Tooth Candies

On my way from Southgate to The Carnegie I passed an adorable little candy store with a sign on the outside that read "Home Made chocolates and ice cream".  Hmmmm, yes please! 

Sweet Tooth Candies is located on 11th Street in "west" Newport, close to Covington. It's the kind of place you would only know about if you a.) grew up in Newport, or b.) your mapquest route randomly takes you past it en route to your destination. 
I was in the mood for ice cream but the smell of chocolate candy as I walked through the door almost changed my mind.  The site was just as wonderful as the smells.  Hippity hoppity, Easter is on its way at Sweet Tooth!

There were opera cream samples and chocolate ganache samples, I tried one of each.  Opera cream are their specialty and can be ordered directly from their chocolate factory on Saratoga Street in Newport.

Ultimately, I stuck with my gut and went for the home-made ice cream.  It took some time to make up my mind, look at all the choices!

Once I spotted the banana ice cream I needed to look no further.  Best. I've. Ever. Had.  Paired nicely with the light cinnamon flavor in the home-made waffle cone.  I typically only get banana ice cream from Aglamesis.  I hate to admit this, but this banana ice cream blew all others out of the water.  The flavor was perfect, the texture was smooth and creamy but not too heavy. 

Instead of eating in the car I decided to soak up the ice cream parlor ambiance and sat at one of these tables to enjoy my cone by the light of the lamp post.
There is nothing more satisfying than discovering a new ice cream, food or coffee venue that far outweighs the competition.  It puts a big smile on my face and makes me want to jump up and down and tell everyone I know how great it is and then jump up and down some more. That is how I felt after going to Sweet Tooth.    
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