April 21, 2011

Newport Kroger Marketplace: A Love Story

I've lived in Southgate, KY for 4 years. For a long time the closest grocery store options were Remke Market (over-priced and old-school in my opinion) and Bellevue Kroger(go there...you'll see). My only other choice was to drive further south to Highland Heights; which seemed a tad too inconvenient for groceries.

You can imagine my glee a few years ago when excavation began on Grand Avenue and there was talk of a Kroger Marketplace! So I waited, and waited (and whined) and waited some more. Every trip heading southbound on I471 offered a view of the progress and left me on pins and needles. Construction was pushed back with the whole real estate collapse but the store finally opened about a year later than expected in October 2009.

Here is a list of all the reasons I love Newport Kroger Marketplace(NKMP).

1.) NKMP has 1/2 carts. I've never seen this before, maybe I don't get out much??  When I saw a 1/2 cart for the first time it made 2009 seem worth it after all. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? I mean come on, sometimes you need to purchase more than fits in a hand-held basket and less than fits in a whole cart. You can't maneuver around slow shoppers with a regular cart. 1/2 cart baby!

2.) NKMP has the most kick-ass cheese selection you will ever see. And they give you samples. And they have cheese experts who will offer to help you pick out a wedge. The first time I shopped at NKMP I stared at the cheese for at least 15 minutes...just stared.

3.) NKMP has a Magic Pop maker and a an employee who coerces me into buying a bag every time I'm there. He's all friendly and convincing about it.

4.) I've never been to another grocery store where the meat/seafood staff prepare lobster bisque and serve samples to customers. This happened a few weeks ago and my love for NKMP intensified.

5.) The organic food selection at NKMP is extensive. It's not just a 1/2 aisle of random things; which means I don't have to make a separate trip to Whole Foods if I'm feeling like some organica.

6.) Every time I shop I get to sample a vast array of food. If I time my shopping trip right, I'm able to substitute lunch with free samples:) Herb Gouda, Jarlsburg, Magic Pop, Puffins, fresh guacamole, deli sandwiches, dips, Greek yogurt. These are just a few of the items I have purchased thanks to sampling them first.

7.) The fresh produce selection and quality are never lacking.

8.) Starbucks is located inside the store!

9.) NKMP has 12 Uscan lanes. This means I always get to check out my own groceries. I don't know why I enjoy this so much; it's a control thing.

10.) Last, but certainly not least. NKMP employees are a class act. I've never had a bad experience. At first I thought it was because of the newness of the store, but their level of customer service continues to impress.

Shop at NKMP, you will fall in love too!

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